A simple solution to the No Cell Power error on Hayward Aqualogic pool systems.
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John said...
Thank you, I am very glad you posted this information. My board had the broken solder connection. My board is working again saving me (or at least postponing) the replacement cost. My system started giving me an intermittent low voltage error for about a week before it finally gave up with the no power cell 2 error message.
saltless said...
I have an issue with salt level at board reading low 2100 but cell tests fine and pool company checks water and its 3500ppm. What could be happening. Cell failing?
John said...
I just spent $1006 on a board replacement and found this site and the burnt solder joint on my old board. So, why does Hayward install a 20 amp fuse on the board when the T-15 cell states "Max 5 amps". It is obvious that Hayward is making a fortune selling replacement boards when the board is designed to fail. Corporate greed at it's finest.
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