A simple solution to the No Cell Power error on Hayward Aqualogic pool systems.
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BILLG said...
My main board has gone out four time over the past several years. Each time, the folks I had doing maintenance on the pool system, diagnosed a bad board and replaced it three times at a cost of $600 to $800 a shot. And incidently, each outage was timed perfectly to be just past the warranty period. After the third time, I did some research and when it happened to run across your solution to the problem. when it happened yesterday, I pulled your instructions, followed them, resoldered the K1 connection, turned the system back on and it appears to be working fine.. Cost.. About 45 minutes of my time.. Next time it will only take about 20 minutes. My thanks to you guys, you just saved me several hundred dollars today, and no telling how much in the future, and I have now found a different pool maintenance company I think I can trust to do what's best for me, and not their wallet. Thanks again for a job well done.
Robert Sonderegger said...
This fix worked like a charm. THANK YOU! I am donating now what I would have to spend on a technician visit who for sure would have said I need a new board (it's 7 years old). For others who may be nervous about attempting this repair -- it's really easy. If you've never soldered before, read the instructions carefully, but hard it is not. And when it works again, you'll feel SO empowered! Thank you again!
Anonymous said...
Worked for me!! Thanks for this awesome site! Saved us a ton of $$$. Will donate for sure.
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